Studio 198

eCommerce Development


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The Team

Web Developer (Replacement): Kelechi Adiele @ Neko Web Design

Creative Director: Daniel Justin Amoako @ TheCrazy8

Copwriter & SEO: Ryan Price

The Objective

Studio198 had an existing Shopify website, but needed to bring a new developer onboard to see the site through to completion. The base design was completed, but the site required more functionality, and had a few issues that needed to be fixed.

Features Added/Tasks Completed

  • Modifications to the existing UX designs provided by Daniel
  • Enabled client to upload products with various product options which impact pricing
  • Feature to enable customers to order samples of products before making full purchases
  • Modifications to the filters on the collections pages
  • Implementation of a custom calculator to website visitors to use (built with HTML & JavaScript)