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The Objective

Beauty Creations is a hair and beauty salon based in London, established in 1996. Their existing website had become dated, and they were in need of a new one. The objective was to create a fresh, new website whilst maintaining their existing branding. They also needed additional features for the new website which were 1) eCommerce capabilities and 2) online booking system with the ability to collect deposits with bookings.

The Process

Given the requirements, we advised Beauty Creations that WebFlow would be the best platform to build the new website on.

To begin, we created hi-fidelity mockups to show the client what the new website could potentially look like. In this design phase, we were careful to maintain their existing brand identity. Once they were happy with the designs, we started the build. We made use of WebFlow’s staging feature, which allowed us to share a link with the client were they could interact with the website as it was being built. This allowed us to incorporate feedback in real time, to ensure the client was happy with the designs.

We set up an eCommerce store within the website using WebFlow’s eCommerce features. We helped the client to structure the back-end effectively, and design the product page templates and cart checkout experience. We also helped the client to set up a Stripe account and integrate with WebFlow to enable checkout/card payments.

As the client needed an online booking platform, we took some time to understand their business processes and specific requirements. With this information, we recommended they use Acuity as their online booking system. We helped them to navigate the system and set it up according to their needs, and we integrated the Acuity scheduler into their website.

The Result

  • New, fully responsive website (built in WebFlow)
  • Configurations for SEO
  • Integrated eCommerce store (with Stripe and PayPal integrations for checkout)
  • Online bookings with deposits collection, resulting in a much improved customer experience

Client Testimonial

“Kelechi is efficient, patient, experienced and meticulous. After a consultation she was able to pin point exactly what my business required in terms of implementing the best strategic approach for my business’ online presence. She was also able to facilitate the development and completion of several web based strategies and solutions for my business. Neko Web Design comes highly recommended and I will definitely be using this company again in the future. Thank you Kelechi!”

Michelle Annan-Baidoo – Hair & Beauty Consultant/Beauty Journalist